The Best Small E-cigarette Batteries

white cloudI am often asked about my opinion on e-cigarettes, since I have been vaping for over 3 years now. Most of the time, I recommend Ego batteries, since they last a good amount of time but are still small enough to be convenient if you want to carry it around with you. But for some reason, a certain percentage of people seem to want smaller batteries that look and feel like a regular cigarette. Perhaps it's because such cigarettes will most closely resemble the feeling of smoking, thus making it easier for heavy smokers to transition to them.

Admittedly, the smaller batteries generally do not deliver the amount of flavor that larger batteries and tank systems do. That said, there is one brand of batteries that I find to be head and shoulders above its competitors, and that brand is White Cloud E-cigarettes. This company sells a small battery called the Cirrus, which looks almost exactly like a real cigarette. These batteries come in different lengths, and naturally, the longer ones have a better battery life. You can customize these batteries by choosing between different ash tips as well.

For a battery of its size, the Cirrus lasts a good amount of time. On average, I find that I can get about 200 puffs before I need to recharge. That's the equivalent of about 14 - 15 cigarettes, which is enough to last the whole day for many vapers. Either way, it's best to buy at least two batteries so that you can recharge one while using the other one. The White Cloud starter kits are a good way to get everything you'll need to start vaping.

Despite offering superior products, you'll find that White Cloud E-cigs are only a couple dollars more than cheap alternatives. This extra price is more than worth paying, since the cheaper e-cigarette batteries are prone to malfunctioning and even exploding on some occasions. If you are trying to save money, you can get special discounts by using White Cloud E-cigarette coupons. There are usually a few different coupon codes you can use, which you can find by going to

Aside from the battery, you'll need to buy cartomizers, which contain the e-liquid that is turned into vaper by the battery and atomizer. For beginners, I recommend purchasing pre-filled cartomizers, which you can get in many different flavors. If you are transitioning from cigarettes, it might be a good idea to pick a tobacco flavor, so that you can trick you mind into thinking that you're smoking an actual cigarette. Once you're able to kick the habit, you can then experiment with other flavors, of which there are quite a few. You'll find everything from fruit flavors to dessert flavors, among many others. Note that if you purchase one of the starter kits, it will already come with a few cartomizers, along with a battery charger.

If you find that you're not quite ready to buy a starter kit, you can still get a taste of what e-cigarettes are like by buying disposable e-cigs. White Cloud has a line of disposable e-cigs called Flings. Each Fling will last about the same number of puffs as 1 pack of cigarettes, so you should keep that in mind when you are placing an order. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, I recommend ordering at least 5 Fling disposable e-cigs, so you have 5 days to use them and evaluate how they work for you. You can get disposables from local vape shops as well, but on the whole, I think the Fling disposables are of higher quality, and will give you a more positive experience with e-cigs. Keep in mind that disposables are not the highest quality e-cigs, so you shouldn't dismiss e-cigs completely if you find that the act of vaping disposables is not a good experience for you.

Vaping can be quite confusing for newcomers, but the good thing is that there is plenty of information about it online. You can ask questions in forums, but by far what I found to me most helpful were videos on Youtube. For example, the video below provides a lot of great information for new vapers.


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